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Namibia – where the desert meets the ocean

Namibia is unlike anything you have ever imagined: from red dunes towering in the clear morning sky to orange sunsets colouring the lush riverbanks, from deserted mining towns to idyllic hiking trails, from lions in Etosha National Park to seals at the Skeleton Coast. There is just one thing you won’t find in Namibia: many people. If you want to leave behind the world as you know it, travel to Namibia. Be curious.

What to expect when travelling Namibia

Fascinating landscapes that will take your breath away
One of the oldest deserts in the world: the Namib Desert
Wildlife adventures on a safari in Etosha National Park
Wide open spaces as far as your eyes can see

Types of Travel in Namibia

As varied as the country itself are the ways to travel it. Our experienced consultants and dedicated operations team on-site are there for you every step of the way.

Guided Lodge Tours

Long driving distances and a country with so much to discover and to learn – alongside our experienced tour guides you can fully appreciate your guided lodge tour around Namibia. Go with your family and friends only or join our small group tours. Travelling in our Toyota Land Cruisers by day, enjoy the hospitality and amenities of intimate guesthouses and lodges by night. Spectacular views and delicious meals to be expected.

Guided Camping Tours

On our guided camping tours you will get out of the car, take in the sounds and smells and colours, shake hands and respond to smiles. After a dusty, adventure-filled day travelling Namibia in our Land Cruisers, listen as the nightly bush concert begins. A hearty bush dinner in your tummy, curl up in your tent under the vast Namibian sky. A guided camping tour in Namibia is for the nature-lovers, the adventurers, the young-at-heart. Are you one of them?

Self-Drive Trips

Staggering landscapes, scenic hikes, and wildlife encounters – you want to experience all of the above, but at your own pace? On a self-drive tour in Namibia, you can go left, when others go right, can linger while others hurry. Our experienced consultants have travelled Namibia themselves, and together you plan your unique self-drive trip. We share our favourite routes and places, design your itinerary, book your accommodations and reliable rental vehicle. You get the keys, take out the map and head on an epic road trip.

Hiking Trips

On a hiking trip around Namibia, you can fully immerse yourself in this country like no other. Hike along scenic trails to hidden caves where bushman rock art gives evidence of Namibia’s ancient history. Standing on steep cliffs, take a deep breath and take in the views across the vast land. Hikes vary from short walks to extended hikes. At night, you can loosen your hiking boots, dust off and enjoy the hospitality of Namibia’s guesthouses and lodges.

Thank you for a perfectly organised trip to Namibia; it was truly fantastic. We usually organise our trips ourselves, but the individual self-drive safari you tailored for us suited us perfectly.

- Thomas Schaub | Germany

Visited Namibia

We appreciated our Land Cruiser very much and were happy not to have to sit in an air-conditioned coach. In our car, we got a lot closer to nature and wildlife. Our request: don’t ever put air-conditioning in your vehicles – the Namibian air is so much better!!

- Gerlinde | Germany

Visited Namibia

I couldn’t have asked for a better Guide than Barbara. Her love for and knowledge about the country, flora and fauna, the people and the (political) developments were unique, just as her calm personality and trust in us. She contributed a lot to the positive group dynamic.

- Maja Geigenmüller | Germany

Visited Namibia

Our Namibia Office

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We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our operations team is based in Windhoek in central Namibia. From here, we make sure your trip around this vast country is without any avoidable incident. We plan and run your guided tours, keep all equipment and vehicles in good condition. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Tents, sleeping mats, cutlery, chairs, and tables. We take care of it all.

See Namibia from your window-seat in one of our sturdy Toyota Land Cruisers.

Whether you book a guided tour or a self-drive trip, our operations manager will meet you for a thorough briefing ahead of your tour. Your safety always comes first.

Why you should travel to Namibia

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