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Your Honeymoon in Africa

Whether you are newlyweds or celebrating another special occasion, a romantic trip to Africa will make your hearts skip a beat – or two

Honeymoon in Africa

Spoil yourself at luxurious lodges and intimate camps, enjoy solitude and togetherness. Romantic safaris, tropical beach getaways or never-seen-before trips to the desert. Your honeymoon should be as unique as the two of you. Let’s plan it together.

A couple looking across the Ngorongoro caldera from a view point

On our tours and safaris, our guides give you space and time for romantic moments. No third-wheeling.

A swimming pool overlooking a valley in the Grootberg region in Namibia

When visiting properties, our consultants put on rose-coloured glasses. They know what you’re looking for.

Travel ideas for your Honeymoon in Africa

Take a break from the rest of the world, and you will find romance in every type of African travel

Romantic Getaway to Zanzibar

Romantic Getaway to Zanzibar

A tropical beach all to yourself.

Romantic Getaway to Zanzibar

Secluded beaches, secret getaways and intimate hotels make Zanzibar the perfect hideaway for your romantic, laidback honeymoon on a tropical beach. We share our favourite spots with you, away from the crowds. Dine with your feet in the sand and listen to the waves’ sweetest sounds.

Why we love Romantic Getaways to Zanzibar:

It is just as beautiful as you imagine it to be. The beach is just as white and the water just as blue. Continue your guided Tanzania safari afterwards.

Candle-light Dinner in the Namib Desert

Candle-light Dinner in the Namib Desert

A dinner to remember forever.

Candle-light Dinner in the Namib Desert

As the sun sets and colours the landscapes in its warm hue, you take in the high dunes towering around you. A sundowner-drink ushers in a dining experience of a kind. Take a seat under the vast Namibian sky, a million and one stars twinkling above you. Enjoy your multi-course dinner while candles flicker in the soft breeze.

Why we love Candle-light Dinners in the Namib Desert:

Dining in the desert is one of the most private experiences you can have. It’s not just a romantic dinner. It’s the romantic dinner. Continue your guided Namibia tour or self-drive afterwards.

In a Hot Air Balloon across the Masai Mara

In a Hot Air Balloon across the Masai Mara

Take to the skies and feel the butterflies in your stomach.

In a Hot Air Balloon across the Masai Mara

The crisp morning air in your lungs and excitement in your heart, you climb into the balloon basket. Rise up and catch your breath as the wide open plains of the Masai Mara emerge, dotted with herds of wild animals. After floating on air, let champagne glasses clink. We all need a little magic in our lives. And sometimes a little more of it.

Why we love Hot Air Balloon trips in the Masai Mara:

Seeing the world-famous Masai Mara from above is a simply magical experience. A special occasion for a special occasion. Continue your guided Kenya safari afterwards.

Thank you for what was one of (if not the) greatest experience of our lives! From the week on safari with Enock (who is worth his weight in gold, or even tanzanite!) to the week at the beach, every aspect of our honeymoon was just pure perfection!

- Paul and Riekje I Germany

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