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Travelling the Continent – Our Favourites

We love travelling around Africa. Here, we share some of our favourite areas and trips.

No schedule, no appointments, just time to be.

We don’t need a lot to be happy – the sun in the sky, the wind in our hair, red bush soil or golden desert sand underneath our feet. We take a break from the rest of the world and head out to spend time in nature. No schedule, no appointments, just time to be. And maybe a gin and tonic.

A black-and-white Colobus monkey sitting in a leafy tree in the Aberdares, Kenya

We want to share with you what we love. Because we know that you will love it too.

Two hikers sit on rocks as the sun goes down, colouring the sky golden

Take a break from the world as you know it. And unleash your curiosity.

Some of our Favourite Travel Ideas around Africa

Go left when others go right and discover your very own favourite corner of the Continent.

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve

The Kenya you didn’t know.

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve

North of Mount Kenya, there is a Kenya so different from the picture-perfect savannahs of the Masai Mara. Hot and dry, known for its unique landscapes rather than its wildlife, the Samburu alongside Shaba National Reserve show you Kenya off the beaten track. Peculiar inhabitants like the gerenuk antelope with a giraffe-like neck add to the mysterious feel.

Why we love Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve:

Stunning landscapes, bizarre wildlife encounters, and luxurious camps. Plus: only few travellers make it this far north. Your private Kenyan experience.

Crossing the border: Tanzania & Kenya

Crossing the border: Tanzania & Kenya

Wildlife galore in East Africa.

Crossing the border: Tanzania & Kenya

East Africa’s great national parks await you on a crossing-border safari in Tanzania and Kenya: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Masai Mara, and Amboseli. No name-dropping but truly some of the most spectacular wildlife areas on the planet. The best part: you don’t have to choose but get to visit them all.

Why we love crossing-border safaris:

We love wildlife adventures, and there is no better place to see Africa’s game than Tanzania and Kenya.

“I was impressed by the wildlife, yes, but even more so by the landscapes. These unbelievably, honestly unfathomable wide landscapes – I still remember it today. It just blew me away.”

- Our Founder Henning

About his very first safari in Tanzania

Serengeti game drive
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