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Where “off the beaten track” means exactly that

Go left when others go right and explore the lesser-known corners of this vast continent

Remote Travel

The African continent is so big, there’s no need to follow the crowds. Ditch the Top 10 and discover remote and hidden places in the middle of nature.

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Our professional guides know the areas well – while it may be remote, we won’t lead you into the unknown.

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Remote travel in Africa asks for flexibility and an open mind. Stay curious.

Travel ideas for Remote Travel in Africa

We’ve travelled the land, far and wide. Join us and discover Africa anew. Go further.

Walking the Ngorongoro Highlands

Walking the Ngorongoro Highlands

Discover the land of the Masai on foot.

Walking the Ngorongoro Highlands

While the others game-drive the Ngorongoro Crater, you hike the surrounding highlands and connect with the land of the Masai on foot. Donkeys carry the provisions, you enjoy panoramic views of the Masai’s holy mountain, Ol Doinyo Lengai and get an insight of their life as you pass small villages.

Why we love the Ngorongoro Highlands:

Nothing gets you as close to an area as exploring it on foot. Here, you not only reconnect with nature, you connect with the local way of life.

Hiking along the Wild Coast

Hiking along the Wild Coast

One of the most magical places in South Africa.

Hiking along the Wild Coast

Like a forgotten paradise, green rolling hills travel through the land, steep cliffs overlook the vast Indian Ocean, and the spray splashes unruly against the shore. At the Wild Coast, it’s just you and your thoughts in the middle of untouched nature. Pack lightly, grab your hiking boots – and don’t tell anyone where you’re going.

Why we love hiking at the Wild Coast:

There are hardly any people. You can walk for kilometre after kilometre, through grassland, and along beaches and you won’t see anyone else.

Discover Namibia’s North

Discover Namibia’s North

See Namibia like you’ve never seen it before.

Discover Namibia’s North

Not many travellers venture as far north as you. From the capital Windhoek in central Namibia to the oasis-like Epupa Falls at the Angolan border, search for desert elephants in the Hoanib Valley and learn about the life of Namibia’s San and Himba. This is not a holiday, this is an adventure.

Why we love this region:

Travelling Namibia’s North offers so much of what we love about travel: stunning landscapes, great wildlife, unexpected encounters and space to breathe.

Remoteness and open spaces have become very rare and precious. Getting away from it all has become nearly impossible. The African bush is one of the last places you can find it.

- Arno

Our colleague and travel expert

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