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Two elephants close to each other at a river in Samburu National Reserve Kenya

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Return to Africa and find Beauty in its Diversity

Safaris, mountain climbs, beach getaways, cultural tours, desert excursions, boat trips – there’s always a next trip to Africa

Return to Africa

Many only begin to grasp the diversity of Africa once they have visited this great continent for the first time. But once you see it, there are endless corners to explore, mountains to climb, people to meet and perceptions to change. Return to the continent with us and discover a new part of Africa.

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You will be surprised by the difference in landscapes, wildlife and culture of Southern and East Africa.

Views of Kibo peak Kilimanjaro at a campsite with multiple tents

Try something new: you stayed at lodges in Namibia? Go camping in Kenya! You self-drove South Africa? Climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

Travel ideas for your Return to Africa

Keep exploring, keep learning, keep being amazed on your return travels to Africa. Stay curious.

Namibia’s green Zambezi Region

Namibia’s green Zambezi Region

The other Namibia.

Namibia’s green Zambezi Region

High sand dunes, dry salt pans, and seemingly endless roads, this is the Namibia you know. In the far north-east, the Zambezi Region – formerly known as Caprivi Strip – opens your eyes to a very different Namibia: fed by rivers, this lush and untouched wilderness welcomes adventurers to its riverine forests, swamps, and woodlands. Pass by rural villages and watch elephants cross the road.

Why we love Namibia’s Zambezi Region:

Travelling to the remote national parks of the Zambezi Region, you will see stunning wildlife – and have the experience all to yourself.

Kenya’s Private Conservancies

Kenya’s Private Conservancies

This is where the locals go.

Kenya’s Private Conservancies

A very intimate and very exclusive safari experience awaits you in Kenya’s private conservancies. Thanks to strong efforts in wildlife conservation, game-viewing is spectacular: African Wild Dogs, rhinos and other rare species roam Ol Pejeta, Lewa and Co. Only a certain number of high-end lodges and camps are allowed here, limiting the number of visitors. Discover Kenya anew!

Why we love Kenya’s Private Conservancies:

They promote the coexistence of wildlife and humans. Local communities benefit from tourism activities and are part of the journey. Walking towards a sustainable future.

Explore Southern Tanzania

Explore Southern Tanzania

Visit the largest game reserve in Africa: the Selous.

Explore Southern Tanzania

Discover this spectacular region of Tanzania and its secluded lodges and camps. Here, you will meet far fewer travellers than in the Serengeti or the Crater. The stunning landscapes of Selous, Mikumi, and Ruaha are home to large elephant herds, lion populations, and buffalo herds. On walking safaris and boat trips, you discover Tanzania’s majestic South on a very private safari.

Why we love Exploring Southern Tanzania:

Game viewing, lodges, camps, and landscapes are among the best in Africa. But only few people travel here.

We can safely say: we are a little Namibia-addicted. But it is time to say our goodbyes to Africa. For now, and probably not for good.”

- Gerd | Germany

Who has travelled with us to Namibia three times and counting

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