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Four tents facing the Acacia dotted green and lush savannah in the Serengeti National Park

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When was the last time you spent a whole week outdoors? Exactly, too long ago!

Return to the Outdoors

Most of life happens indoors. We think it’s time to get back out there again. Wake up with the rising sun, breathe in the cool, fresh air. It’s going to be a magical day.

Two tents facing left on a campsite in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Stay at public or private campsites or camp ‘wild’, animals are always close by.

A waiter smiling at the camera while holding a tray with glasses filled with mango juice

Equipment, provisions and your personal guide are taken care of by us. You just have to show up.

Travel ideas to Return to the Outdoors

We’re at home in the outdoors and take you on epic camping trips around the continent

Camping Adventure in Namibia

Camping Adventure in Namibia

You not only see the stunning scenery. You’re right in the middle of it.

Camping Adventure in Namibia

Feel the solitude and vastness of Namibia as you watch the sun set and temperature drop. Night time is a special time at your campsite. After a long day travelling across scenic mountain passes and past towering dunes, it’s story-time around the campfire. Did you hear that? It’s the sound of silence.

What we love about Camping Adventures in Namibia:

Wherever you are in Namibia, nature takes centre stage and is at the core of everything. It seems only right to experience it as naturally as possible.

Mobile Explorer Camp in Tanzania

Mobile Explorer Camp in Tanzania

It’s just you and the wild. No one else.

Mobile Explorer Camp in Tanzania

Travel deep into the bush and leave the rest of the world behind. You stay at private campsites, just you and your friends. Your only neighbours are the animals. Sense their presence, feel the drumming of their hooves and see their silhouettes in the shimmering light of your campfire. We bring tents, toilets, showers and a bush kitchen. When we head on, we leave no trace behind.

What we love about the Mobile Explorer Camp:

You hand yourself over to nature. It’s a complete break from our lives in the city and even the country-side. A humbling experience and often needed reminder who is in charge.

Camping Safaris in Kenya

Camping Safaris in Kenya

Paw prints on the sandy path to the showers bear witness of nightly visitors.

Camping Safaris in Kenya

By day, see large herds of wildebeest and zebras strolling across the savannah, lions lurking in the shadows. At night, dream under the wide starry sky within or just outside Kenya’s wild national parks. No fences, no walls, you’re right there. A genuine feeling of freedom deep down in your heart.

Why we love Camping Safaris in Kenya:

You can disconnect, switch off and catch your breath. Spending day and night in the outdoors makes you aware of your surroundings and the changing landscapes on a very personal level.

Thank you for a perfectly organised trip to Namibia; it was truly fantastic. We usually organise our trips ourselves, but the individual self-drive safari you tailored for us suited us perfectly.

- Thomas Schaub | Germany

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Serengeti game drive
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Female lion tree trunk

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