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Slow Travel

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Every Moment in Nature is unique on your Slow Travels in Africa

Catch your breath and take your time. Eat local, take a second look and be curious. Travel slow.

Slow Travel

We want to take you on trips that let you take a break from the rest of the world. It’s not about ticking the Big Five off your list or visiting the Top 10 must-sees. It’s about reconnecting with nature, about being in the moment, about taking things slow. Time is the luxury of today.

A metal kettle on a braai grid

At small camps and guesthouses, you get in touch with owners and staff. Learn about the local way of life.

Close-up of a six-legged insect walking on dune sand in Namibia

Our guides let you see your surroundings through the eyes of locals and in context.

Travel ideas for your Slow Travels in Africa

Whether you’re in the bush, in the winelands or in the desert – there’s always time to linger

Guest Farm Stays in Namibia

Guest Farm Stays in Namibia

The best stop along the road.

Guest Farm Stays in Namibia

Travelling Namibia often requires long hours on the road. Spend more than just one night at one of the family-run guest farms to experience the local way of life. Explore the area, watch the birds and local wildlife on horseback-rides, farm tours, leisurely nature walks, and scenic drives. Enjoy home-cooked meals, straight from the veggie garden.


Why we love Guestfarm Stays in Namibia:

It makes you slow down. You don’t have a choice. There’s no space for stress and rush, you’ll get back your sense of what having time really means.

Wine and Gourmet Tours in South Africa

Wine and Gourmet Tours in South Africa

More than just a wine-tasting.

Wine and Gourmet Tours in South Africa

Local cheese and grass-fed beef, small restaurants, and real conversations. Spend long afternoons at the Western Cape’s vineyards and learn about the regional tradition of winemaking. This trip will tempt your senses as you see, smell, feel and taste South Africa. Your Gourmet Guide will share their expert knowledge with you, while you also connect with winemakers and local farmers.


Why we love Wine and Gourmet Tours in South Africa:

You get the backstory of South Africa’s great wine and food. You learn about this important industry in the region – and enjoy every sip of it.

Explore the Magical Masai Mara

Explore the Magical Masai Mara

Experience the Masai Mara as the magical place that it is.

Explore the Magical Masai Mara

For many a bucket list destination to see the Great Migration, you explore the famous Masai Mara on a more intimate level. While others hurry on, you explore remote corners, revisit ‘your’ pride of lions and see beyond picture-perfect sunsets. Staying at an eco-conscious tented camp for three nights, learn about social and ecological contexts of this stunning game reserve.

Why we love slow travels in the Masai Mara:

We often want to see as many parks as possible in one trip. But magic doesn’t happen on the go. The Mara deserves more of your time.

On safari, my time is my time and I decide how I spend it. Time is the luxury of today.”

- Our Founder Holger

On why he loves to travel slowly.

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